Ivan Gridnev aka «Bouncy»

 23 years old from Voronezh city originally, this man is more then 7 years in business.
Ivan is our Team Manager, also coping with LifeStyle media projects, that guy never stops!
Here’s his welcome edit for the LS, back in the day:
His riding is all about street, favorite riders are Mike Hoder, Tony Hamlin, Corey Martinez.

Here’s his footage for the 2011:
Check his web edit autumns 2012 web video:
Favorite tricks: « - Spins and rotations, doing something new, in fact».

Ivans lifestyle  says: « - BMX riding & communicating with the nearest and dearest is my dope and there’s no way for the artificial and illusion dope movements».

The huge part of Ivans life make so interesting points such as travelling and producing media footage, seems like he accurately captures his Lifestyle for ages.

There are some of his galleries on the LS web-site

Few words about media: « - Ok, I think it’s just a time to point my favorite  feature-length bmx movies, so I would say, that it is «The Freak Show» movie by ННХ, the Russian one, and, I guess the «Facad: As One», «ODYSSEY Electronical», «DOUG.HORTON.From.Nothing»  are my favorite world scene movies.
And what about music you like? « -  I really enjoy punk and rock’n’roll rhymes, that’s for sure».
Greetings? « - I want to say HI for my hot and lovely wife Nicka, I love you!».