The LifeStyle «Style Guard» Rear


Back in the day, according to our politics that we had chosen, first, we brought the innovative hub guards – the «LS Style Guard». The revolution started! It was designed with the purpose to get the maximum joy of riding.

Style Guard‘s exclusivity was released through its light weight on the one hand, and functionality, design and smart engineer solutions on the other.

Friendly with most kinds of hubs in the business, the LS Style Guard covers the flanges of your hub and there s no worries for grinds, whatever & wherever you do.

The important spec. of this guard – is its technological groove. It allows guard to fit on your bike in way it has to be, working as the anti-spin as well.

When you put it on your bike, it makes the fully loaded harmonic composition of your thing, not a separate part, like it was back in the day, due to it outstanding design, well-thought-out measures.

Moreover, the craftsmanship of this product is also confirmed with its noble and unique sound. Yes, the hub guard has an ability to sing! Just take it, hold it easily with your fingers on the central hole and lightly tap with another metal object, so you will find out the great and melodic sound it produces as a proof of the best geometry specs & material quality!

You are welcome to resonate at a LifeStyle frequency!

As all of the LS product range of this type, it is made of the high grade military aluminum. 57 gr. = 2 oz. of weight makes it the lightest hub guard ever.

All the LifeStyle hub guards line is staffed with the 10mm axle size (3/8”) adapter, so you can use it with your bolt type rear hub.

Another nice feature of the LifeStyle hub guard stuff is that you put it on your bike just in way it is, without removing safety nuts from your hub. Easy even for a child!