The LifeStyle TI series/line* «Inch» titanium profile hub bolts


You’re riding your bike for the whole century, and seems like there s nothing new to put on your bike & upgrade your riding? Then, you haven’t seen the new LifeStyle TI series product the «Inch» titanium hub bolts!

This is the extension of the epic LifeStyle Titanium goods line. The bolts have an inch thread, so it fits the legendary Profile hubs, Chris King hubs, etc.

One bolt make a 14 gr. = 0.5 oz. weight, so it comes 28 gr. = 1 oz. for a pair, that makes your bike set lighter for a weight of 1 regular hub bolt, imagine that you just remove one. One step closer to the perfection!

This is something you are investing in a long & happy future. Titanium itself is a great & noble material, the Ore, if you want, with no price loss, embodied in such a great BMX way, making it priceless in fact. That’s because we love BMX and we appreciate the values it gives us, it’s a living thing in full measure! So what are you waiting for?