The LifeStyle «HD Hub Guard»


The LS Company presented our new driver side hub guard – LifeStyle «HD Hub Guard». Welcome!

It is the universal driver side protector for 8t, 9t, 10t and even 11t driver size hub, depending on sprocket, rear hub and chain specifications.

We have invented a number of features, allowing the LS HD Hub guard to be the most strong, light weight & nice designed hub guard ever!

First in the business we made the variable orientation of the inner cut of the hub guard, so different driver sizes can be protected under one diameter length of a guard, saving the light weight and nice outlook.

Another feature is our company recognizable groove on the guard, making it fit your bike tight and providing you with the best anti-spin!

All the LifeStyle hub guard product line goes with the 10mm axle size (3/8” ) adapter, so you can use it with your nice bolt type rear hub, such as Profile hubs and so on, putting the hub guard on your hub 14mm inner axle size and the adapter reliably goes on bolts of your hub. Simply & for ages!