The LifeStyle BMX Spoke Key


LifeStyle made this spoke key to enrich the world of bike things parts & accessories, something you glad to have, something that makes a highlight in your BMX scene.

О The LS Spoke Key looks like a real BMX stem, scaled in a size of a unique accessory, you put on your bunch of keys, so it is your BMX Lifestyle on the one hand, and useful, smart tool, on the other. It’s something special.

You take this Key with you and there are no worries to tight couple spokes on your wheel while riding if there ‘s a need. It is not the regular tool for the regular bike shop, its just smart & tight thing, bringing power to you, or you have it to bring a joy to somebody in our favorite area of Life. You choose where to put it – in your pocket, on your neck, or on your fancy cars key!