The LifeStyle «Style Guard 10» Front


We are glad to present the new LifeStyle creation – the front «Style Guard 10». The goal of our Company is to produce just best of the best, so here it is.

The main feature of this front hub guard is its both technological grooves, so you can use your hub guard for the 100% efficiency, all the working surface, all day!

You’re putting it with the hub groove side to the side of the forks dropout, so it fits perfectly and day by day, hour by hour you use the Style Guard 10 protection on the one side, and when the time comes, you just change the side of your hub guard, bringing another groove to the side of your fork leg. Gotta say, that this technological groove works as the of full value anti-spin! Covered & protected from both sides!

As all of the LS product range of this type, it is made of the high grade military aluminum. Noble weight 57 gr. = 2 oz.

As the all LifeStyle hub guards do, the front Style Guard easily comes on your bike without removing the safety nuts from your hubs. Nice.