The LifeStyle «Street Disc» sprocket


It’s a classic and noble BMX sprocket with the three-armed design claims you the Olympic statement «Citius, Altius, Fortius! » - «Faster, Higher & Harder! » searching for the endless perfection. Physic bravery & guts harmony!

«The Street Disc» concept was formed due to fundamental, in fact, basic idea of sport and art in common, coming from the ancient times. We expressed that idea of the Greek & world scale on a BMX scene with a discobolus, as a sign of physical perfection & strong mind.

The star is all about light weight, strength and perfect working skills. We invest the best engineering knowledge as a rule of our working. The sprocket is made of the high grade aluminum, that as a rule is used for military purposes.

It also includes the 19 mm spindle adapter for the variety of size.

The Street Disc sprocket was invented for you to meet a situation head-on. So you can fully use it on the street, create every trick you want like no big deal. Olympic perfection!