Alexander Povar

Was born in 1992, July 15th in Theodosius, the Crimea area.
Started riding in 2006 in the age of thirteen on his first cheap and simple setup, branded as «Schwinn» bike co.
« - The bike was so heavy, so riding progress trod in a slow motion. That we all did, back in the days. But the enthusiasm and friends competitive spirit were stronger then that circumstances. We had fun, for real».
Alexander had some serious injuries, thanks to no protection riding. His knee gone bad, that’s why, as many riders who’re not able to do big bangers due to their health conditions do, the «Cook» chose the way to progress in some picky riding spheres of tricks, using his unique style and life attitude – never give up & ride for life.

Your plans: « - To cure my knee is the biggest deal, to get driver license as well, to be independent to travel to any place you prefer».
Final words, greetings: « - Live your own life, ride safely, please, choose your own style instead of copies, thanks to everyone in business».