«Наша миссия: Развивать бмх спорт в России, поддерживать перспективных райдеров и проекты связанные с бмх культурой, интегрироваться в мировое бмх движение»

About us

Our goal: To enrich and develop the BMX in its meaning, to support budding persons & kindle new born stars, to integrate in world BMX projects & community in common
Since 2007 our Company, established in Russia, Moscow works forward  to enrich and develop BMX sport  in common and opens new  way of thinking. This is our LifeStyle!
We were the first in Russia to produce high quality parts instead of just copying other designs and parts using the most advanced technologies and our own prototypes. We never stop at what we have achieved because development is the only way to success. Therefore we are permanently extending our product range.
Along with the innovation in parts, that every wise person needs, LS Company started bringing high grade  in BMX  bike high grade riding. Titanium bolts & accessories  were presented as a sign of the excellent riding, perfection & light weight conception. «Wise choice, Sir, wise choice!».
Our range of products ’s always in process of upgrade, fresh solutions and good price.
  Another branch of the LifeStyle Company is to integrate in the world BMX scene, meeting great people, friends, business connections and  Lifestyle from all around the planet!