The LifeStyle TI series/line* «One» titanium sprocket bolt («Lite One» & «Classic One»)


You’re riding your bike for the whole century, and seems like there s nothing new to put on your bike & upgrade your riding? Then, you haven’t seen the new LifeStyle TI series product the «One» titanium sprocket bolt!

This is something you are investing in a long & happy future. Titanium itself is a great & noble material, the Ore, if you want, with no price loss, embodied in such a great BMX way, making it priceless in fact. That’s because we love BMX and we appreciate the values it gives us, it’s a living thing in full measure! So what are you waiting for?

The One Ti sprocket bolt comes into 2 variations: the «Lite» version and the «Classic» one. Lite One bolt is a hollow one, making just 5 gr. = 0.2 oz., lighter than air, you know. The Classic One bolt is the regular one and it is 7 gr. = 0.3 oz. of titanium for you.

Frankly speaking, it can also be a nice present, a sign of respect & goodwill to your buddy, sometimes a way to say «Thank You! », or maybe even «I Love You».