Vasiliy Sarichev

Was born in 1994 in Mitishy city (the Moscows neighborhood).
180cm high and 70 kilos weight
5 years in business.
There s some footage with Vasya below:
2011’s BMX edit for LifeStyle:
His Bike Check:
2012’s BMX edit for LifeStyle:
Music preferences: « - I like whatever it plays, but mostly hip hop, I guess».
Riders of inspiration: « - Brad Simms, Nigel Sylvester, Mike Spinner».
Favorite BMX trick: « - Got love throwing and catching bars».

What’s about your BMX bike: « - It is what it is, a little bit shabby, a lil bit dirty, you know, best for street killing, you know».
What is your kind of shelter for the long winter days, when there no chance on the street? « - Snowboarding sometimes, gym sessions, trying to find that cozy warehouses for weekend sessions».
Favorite spot to ride: « - It’s the only one – the central square in my hometown, not much, you know».
Favorite food: « - Pilaf! Really».
What kind of shoes you choose for riding? « - High heels J to protect my ankles, yeah».
So, how did you get involved in BMX biking?: « - Well, that’s my brother started, he got the new BMX bike, and I was low life with the broken mtb bike, and I tried his nice BMX, I bumped on a kicker seems like 5 cm (2”) highJ and I loved that so much! Still bumpin’!».
What s your nearest riding plan?  « - If I had choose for ride in the foreign area, I would choose Amsterdam, I guess,  but travelling allover of Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia with my favorite LS team, is the best regards!»
Your greetings & finals would be like: « - Stay strapped and strong, ride safely, use protection! J».